This is me and what I do!

Welcome to my blog page!  So who is Jenny Hall, and what’s this all about?

Jenny Hall was born in Cornwall a very long time ago, worked hard(?) at school and went to the big city (London) to study French and Russian, in preparation for a glittering international career doing something very important. The important thing never quite materialised, so she ended up working in the City as a translator, not glittering and not very important!  After getting married, she moved to Northamptonshire (where??) and worked for a Russian book import company run by leading lights in the Communist Party of Great Britain (who??), possibly the most soul-destroying place she ever worked. So she moved on to a job as a computer programmer, in the days before they were called ‘developers’.  Apparently linguists make good programmers.  After a series of part-time jobs (including census enumerator, a posh word for someone who drops off and picks up census forms with a 2-year old in a buggy), she ended up back in the world of computing, which had changed massively in those few years, and worked in training and support, eventually managing support teams in a variety of companies. It was stressful, demanding and not really very fulfilling.

Finally, following two redundancies in rapid succession, Jenny decided that jobs in IT were not as secure as people imagine they are, and looked for a way out.  It was then that someone showed her an amazing business, which was to change everything.

I now help people with their health, wealth and happiness and I absolutely love what I do; it’s difficult to think of it as work! I work with people all over the world and all over the UK but particularly in Leicestershire, Northamptonshire and Cambridgeshire, and I work with a large and growing team.

As a Business Coach I help people build significant incomes so that they can take control of their lives. I work in partnership with a solid, ethical, international company dedicated to helping motivated people to earn what they are truly worth. We provide a professional and easy way to build your own business on a part-time basis working alongside existing commitments or you may decide to build a full-time role as your income increases. As an independent business owner, income is earned through the retailing of a market leading range of natural health and nutrition products, and through working with a team of like-minded people.

We market an exclusive range of natural health products which you won’t find on the high street. So, in a nutshell, we simply help people look good and feel good!

We do it through developing product advocates who spread the word using both social media and the real world. It’s a rapidly growing market and we’re masters at it!

We offer all the support and training needed for you to be successful.

Although originally from an IT Management background, I now help people build businesses so that they can have the life-style they want, and give personal support, training and mentoring.

I’m looking for new business partners and collaboration across the UK and overseas.

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