Feel better faster! Five more simple wellbeing tips

Look after your mental wellbeing too with these simple ideas.

Get out in nature

If you have a garden, spend more time in the garden. Go to the nearest park. Even better, get out into the country if you can, go to rivers, lakes, woods, forests, mountains. The air is better, the scenery will be beautiful if you’re lucky, and you will feel grounded, more relaxed and happier. This isn’t just woo, there’s plenty of evidence.

Smile and laugh more

There’s plenty of evidence for this too. Find something that makes you laugh – a film, comedy show, podcast – anything that makes you laugh, especially if you feel a bit down. And smile too. That will make you feel better, and everyone around you. Just do whatever makes you smile and brings you joy.

Relax, meditate

Again, whatever works for you and whatever you can do easily, at home or in classes. Yoga, Tai Chi, Mindfulness, whatever helps you switch off. And if you can’t switch off, well, that’s really common. Just practice.


Call a friend, meet for a walk, coffee, drinks, whatever. They may be feeling a bit down too. You can lift each other’s mood. (Unless they’re a bit of a moaner, then don’t).

Tackle problems

List your problems, money, relationship, business, work, family, whatever they are. And they may seem less scary as soon as you admit what they are. Or they may still be awful. If so, you haven’t lost anything and you can start to deal with them, bit by bit. Don’t ignore them, they won’t go away, but they’ll eat away at you in the background.

You can’t pour from an empty cup – we’ve all heard that one, haven’t we? So, if you have lots of people relying on you, it’s even more important to take care of yourself. Make sure you look after your physical needs too – see here:

(and drink lots of aloe), but look after your mind and spirit as well.

We also have products which can help naturally with your mental wellbeing, such as Royal Jelly.


So take care of yourself … aaaaand breathe!