Stay safe in the sun

Follow these simple tips to stay safe in the sun:

  1. Wear a hat
  2. Don’t stay in the sun too long, especially the first few days
  3. Spend time in the shade, especially the first few days
  4. Wear loose clothing that covers you, especially the first few days.
  5. Wear sunglasses.


Don’t believe these myths:

  1. I have dark skin, I won’t burn. Although darker skins have some extra protection against sun damage, it’s not enough and you still need to use sunscreen.
  2. I tan easily and don’t burn, so I don’t worry too much about sun protection. Just because you’re not fair-skinned, doesn’t mean that you don’t need plenty of sun protection.
  3. I’m in the water most of the time, so this keeps my skin cool. Wrong! You can burn badly especially near the surface eg snorkelling, but you may not realise it until it’s too late.
  4. I put sunscreen on when we arrived. Yes, but that was four hours ago. You need to re-apply after swimming or every 2-3 hours.
  5. All sunscreens are similar, they all do the same job. Oh no, they’re not!

What to look for in a sunscreen

  1. Broad spectrum protection. You need a sunscreen that protects against both UVA rays (penetrate deeper, linked with premature skin aging) and UVB (linked with burning).
  2. An SPF rating of at least 30. (That is generally adequate – factor 30 blocks 97% of UVB, factor 50 98% and factor 100 99%, so the difference at this level is minimal).
  3. Water-resistant. No sunscreen is waterproof, but a good level of water resistance will allow you to jump in and out of the water freely. Especially important for kids!
  4. No chemicals which damage the environment, especially reefs. Chemicals such as oxybenzone and octinoxate contribute to coral bleaching and reef destruction.

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