Hint – it’s not the delicious taste. Some people find that a bit of a challenge! So what are the benefits of drinking aloe vera?

Like millions of others across the world, I start my day with a shot of goodness. I drink aloe vera gel because I know how good it is for my:

  • hair
  • nails
  • skin (inside and out)
  • energy levels
  • immune system
  • joints
  • nutrition
  • gut

Hair, nails and skin (especially skin)

Aloe vera is very special on skin. It actually penetrates into your skin, carrying all its goodness into the very lowest layers. So it gets into the bloodstream faster. This is really beneficial inside the body, because our insides are covered in skin too.

Nutrition, energy, immune system, gut

So aloe is good many areas but especially the digestive system and the gut. And helps lots of people with digestive complaints. This is one of the main reasons people start drinking aloe vera. It helps to clean out the gut which also boosts the immune system as 70% of our immune system is in our gut. Immune problems are the second reason many people drink aloe vera.

This cleansing action helps us to absorb more nutrients from our food. So we have more energy and our skin, nails and hair all benefit. They’re stronger, shinier and grow faster. And we feel better, with more energy.


Our joints have their own kind of shock absorbers. There’s a cushion of fluid which helps lubricate them so that we can run, jump, and move freely. As we get older, this fluid thickens and becomes less effective – a bit like old engine oil. Aloe helps to keep it working properly.

Four varieties

Forever Living have four varieties of aloe vera drinking gel. Plain gel, with its interesting taste, is almost entirely composed of the inside of the plant. Berry Nectar has added cranberry and apple juice and Peaches has peach juice. They all have pretty much the same benefits, but taste slightly different, tangy, fruity or sweet. The fourth member of the family is Forever Freedom, with an orange flavour. This also has added chondroitin, glucosamine and MSM, and these are all recommended for healthy joints. Cartilage in particular. Because of this, it’s ideal for anyone who’s a little older or has joint problems. But also for athletes, dancers etc. Anyone who puts a regular strain on their joints.

Why Forever Living Drinking Gels?

These drinking gels (not juices) are unique. In most countries, they are the only gels on the market. To be classed as a gel, they have to contain at least 85% aloe vera. They’re not processed at high temperature or charcoal filtered. So they are what comes out of the middle of a plant with no damage to the delicate balance of ingredients.

But they not only allow you to absorb more nutrients from your food. They contain a massive range of nutrients themselves – vitamins, minerals, amino-acids, cleansing compounds, minerals and trace elements. A lot of these are really lacking in many people’s diets.

That’s another reason people drink aloe vera. They want to feel great and run at 100% every day. So which one do you choose?

Take a look here, and get drinking!


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