Simple tips for getting off to sleep quickly

Lots of people struggle with lack of sleep and insomnia.

Getting enough sleep is absolutely vital for health and wellbeing so if you’re surviving on less than the recommended 7-8 hours, have a read:

So what can you do if you have this problem?

The first step is getting off to sleep when you go to bed. Here are some tips:

The bedroom

  • cool down (no, not you, the room). Keep it a few degrees cooler than the rest of the house
  • have low lighting at bedtime – romantic and practical
  • no TV. Yes, I know, you want to binge watch in bed. But you really want to give your brain the message ‘This is sleep time’.
  • no laptop/phone/tablet. See above. Also too much blue light isn’t good for your eyes or your brain. Get an old-fashioned alarm clock!


  • relax – try a warm bath before bedtime, maybe with candles and your favourite soothing fragrance
  • no alcohol. It might seem that this helps you sleep. But it’s not good refreshing sleep. More of a stupor!
  • read a few pages of an actual book, not an ebook (that pesky blue light again).
  • try a brain dump. During the day, write down all your worries, however trivial or far-fetched. Have a to do list of small tasks, and check them off during the day. This can help reduce the overwhelm you often get when trying to sleep. Don’t take them to bed with you.
  • don’t have long lie-ins or lots of very late nights. Get a regular sleep habit. 7-8 hours is fine, 9-10 is not.

Products to help

lavender oil: use a diffuser with lavender oil, dab a little on the corner of your pillowcase or on a tissue. Lavender is famous for its relaxing properties.

heat lotion: massage a little into the soles of your feet, it’s warming and relaxing. This is also great for kids and anyone with the snuffles!

royal jelly: this can really help with stress, moods and hormone problems and these can all affect sleep.

See which one works best for you and get the rest you need to stay healthy. For more health and wellbeing products, take a look here:

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