So why don’t Forever Living add detergents to their washing products? From ancient times, people have added chemicals to water, especially for washing clothes. Water alone doesn’t work very well on oil and grease. These chemicals were mostly some form of soap produced from animal or vegetable fats. Nowadays, laundry products, shampoos, soaps, washing up liquid and other washing products contain lots of different chemicals. They are added for various reasons. Some are brighteners or foaming agents, and some improve the cleaning process.

A range of chemicals known as detergents have a number of benefits:

  • they are stronger than soap and clean more effectively
  • they dissolve better in water
  • they break down oils, dirt and grease better than soap alone
  • they work better in hard water and don’t make scum.

Unfortunately, they also hang around. They are not ‘biodegradable’. This means that they stay in the environment for a very long time. And they cause all kinds of problems for plants and animals, as well as humans.

Aloe vera is a natural cleanser. It contains ‘soapy’ compounds. So Forever Living washing products, which are all made from aloe vera, use these natural soapy chemicals as cleansing agents. So you can be confident that they will clean you, your family, the kids, the pets and the clothes. As well as helping reduce pollution.

And, like all the products, they’re very concentrated. So lots more cleaning power for your money!

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