So why don’t Forever Living add detergents to their washing products? From ancient times, people have added chemicals to water, especially for washing clothes. Water alone doesn’t work very well on oil and grease. These chemicals were mostly some form of soap produced from animal or vegetable fats. Nowadays, laundry products, shampoos, soaps, washing up liquid and other washing products contain lots of different chemicals. They are added for various reasons. Some are brighteners or foaming agents, and some improve the cleaning process.

A range of chemicals known as detergents have a number of benefits:

  • they are stronger than soap and clean more effectively
  • they dissolve better in water
  • they break down oils, dirt and grease better than soap alone
  • they work better in hard water and don’t make scum.

Unfortunately, they also hang around. They are not ‘biodegradable’. This means that they stay in the environment for a very long time. And they cause all kinds of problems for plants and animals, as well as humans.

Aloe vera is a natural cleanser. It contains ‘soapy’ compounds. So Forever Living washing products, which are all made from aloe vera, use these natural soapy chemicals as cleansing agents. So you can be confident that they will clean you, your family, the kids, the pets and the clothes. As well as helping reduce pollution.

And, like all the products, they’re very concentrated. So lots more cleaning power for your money!

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Essential oil diffusers for your home

Self-care is part of your wellness. And the brilliant thing is there are hundreds of different ways to practise it. Complementary therapies can be a great way to improve your self-care. An easy one you can try at home is aromatherapy using oil diffusers.

Aromatherapy is the practice of using essential oils for therapy, and has been used for centuries to promote overall wellbeing. When inhaled, the scent molecules in essential oils travel straight to the brain, especially the emotional centre of the brain.

Using aromatherapy can energise you, encourage you to relax, clear your head, soothe tension, and help to decrease stress, depending on which oils you use.

Essential Oil Diffusion is dispersing essential oils so that their aroma fills a room or an area with the natural fragrance. There are a few different devices for this:

A Nebulising Diffuser 

This breaks down the essential oil into tiny particles through the use of a high speed, pressurised air jet. When the essential oil is released from the diffuser, it goes into the air in a fine mist without the use of heat or water.  This tends to be on the pricier side than other diffusers, but it uses just pure oil.

An Ultrasonic Diffuser 

This uses a small amount of water and electronic frequencies, to create a vapour from the essential oil without using heat. Ultrasonic vibrations break the essential oil up into tiny micro-particles, which diffuse out into a fine mist. This has little or no noise. The oil is a little diluted, giving a lighter effect.

A Heat Diffuser 

This heats the oil, either electrically or with a candle. It then gradually evaporates into the air. Sometimes the oil is mixed with water. Some heat diffusers use very high levels of heat to cause a stronger aroma. Avoid these, as they can drastically change the chemical make-up of the oils. The best heat diffusers use a very low heat (such as a candle) to give a milder, longer lasting aroma.   

An Evaporative Diffuser 

This uses air flow from a fan to spread the scent of the essential oils. The air flows through a filter, like a tissue or a pad that has essential oils dropped onto it. The oil evaporates quickly. Then the air with the evaporated oil is blown into and around the room.  When you use an evaporative essential oil diffuser, you will get the oil in segments: the lighter essential oil components, such as Forever Essential Lemon or Peppermint oil evaporate first. The heavier elements, like those Forever Essential Defense Oil evaporate last.

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Vital vitamin D – are you getting enough?

According to new research’ “The most vulnerable group of population for COVID-19 is also the one that has the most deficit in vitamin D.”

And the results aren’t surprising either. They are in line with previous studies that also suggest healthy vitamin D levels can reduce the risk of respiratory infections such as influenza as well as childhood asthma.

Vitamin D has a range of benefits:


It helps maintain calcium levels in our teeth and bones. Low levels can cause skeletal deformities like rickets as well as an increased risk of bone degeneration leading to conditions such as osteoporosis.

Immune system

“There is particular interest in its role in viral infections such as influenza and coronavirus,” Dr Barry Boyd MD RDN Yale Medicine hematologist, oncologist, and nutritionist, after studies show a stronger response to respiratory diseases.


Helps maintain strong muscles, reducing the risk of falls


Can help with cases of depression where vitamin D levels are low.

Other potential benefits, such as weight loss, diabetes, hypertension and reducing the risk of certain cancers, are still being investigated.

So how can we make sure that we are getting enough?

There are a limited range of foods which contain useful levels:

  • oily fish
  • red meat
  • some mushrooms
  • eggs

as well as certain foods which have it added, such as some breakfast cereals, bread, non-dairy milk and baby milk (although levels are not always high).

Of course, we can also get vitamin D from sunlight. But in many parts of the world, that’s not enough during autumn and winter. And today, many people spend most of their time indoors.

So supplements may be the answer. Current medical advice is to take at least 10 micrograms pd in winter or if you don’t spend enough time in the sun. That includes children.

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