Study hacks and aids to get your learning back on track

So many people need to catch up on missed learning time. But it can be hard to find the motivation and focus for study or serious brain work, especially in the current climate. So here are five simple tips to help:

  • create a separate work area – somewhere quiet, where you have everything you need. And organise it to suit you.
  • have a simple and realistic work or study timetable/schedule/plan – then stick to it!
  • use a timer for your work periods, take breaks (little and often), get up, go out for a walk – it’s good thinking time.
  • cut down on screen time, all kinds of screen time.
  • sleep and eat well. Don’t try and cram more in or skip meals. You will learn better and absorb more if you are rested and fed.

If you need a boost, stay away from caffeine and energy drinks in the evening, they just mess up your sleep, but try these brain boosters:

Forever Arctic Sea Fish oil:

A perfectly balanced blend of omega-3 fatty acids that supports heart and brain function. Brain food.

Forever ARGI+

ARGI+ is packed with nutrients including your daily value of the ‘miracle molecule’ L-arginine, a popular amino acid and a building block for proteins, and essential B vitamins that support the nervous system, normal protein metabolism, psychological function and red blood cell formation. Keeps you sane and helps your brain!

Forever FOCUS

There’s a clue in the name! Stay sharp, stay focused. Combining traditional herbs, vitamins and minerals with clinically studied Cognizin. Take charge of the day!

And if you feel a bit low, how about something that’s fit for a Queen?

Forever Royal Jelly

Good for mind and body, can really help lift your mood.

Now you know what to do, get studying!

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