Healthy habits for the New Year

Yes, it’s December already! And lots of people will be looking forward to a better 2021.

Have you been thinking about your lifestyle? You’re not alone – re-setting goals, healthy habits, positivity – they’re all big topics at the moment online, along with positivity, at home, and self-love.

So here are some ideas for new healthy habits in 2021:

  • don’t plan lots huge changes, small steps over the year is the way to go. Don’t try and change everything in January!
  • sleep more. Lack of sleep is really common and causes lots of problems including stress, anxiety, weakened immune system, weight gain and so on. Most people need at least seven hours. You know what to do – a calm cool bedroom, no screen time just before bed. And a few minutes earlier every night.
  • drink less alcohol and more water. You don’t have to give it up (unless that’s part of your plan). But maybe think about a dry month? Or one week per month?
  • move more. Little and often is best, get up from the desk, go out for a walk. You will actually be more productive and get some great ideas. Walk, run, cycle, dance – whatever gives you joy, but move more.
  • take some time. For your friends, your family, yourself. A bit of self-care goes a long way.
  • make small changes in your diet. If you can make a huge commitment and stick with it, fine. Most of us can’t. But it doesn’t have to be all or nothing. A few more fruits and vegetables, slightly smaller portions, a good healthy breakfast, maybe replace a meal with a delicious protein shake – get creative, add in your favourite ingredients. Lots of great ideas here: Plan your meals, you’ll be less likely to grab any old rubbish!

So have a Merry little Christmas and let’s rock 2021!

4Living Group