Get better results from your diet

Maybe you have a big day coming up (or a very big day!). You may not want to be super-skinny, but you want to look and feel your best.

If you love the Forever Living Clean 9 program, like lots of celebrities (and non-celebrities), here are some great tips for getting the most from it:

  1. Prepare

Preparation really helps. Start to cut down on caffeine, junk food and alcohol before you start. Don’t hoover up everything in the house that’s ‘unhealthy’ the night before. Get your system ready for a change in eating habits by cutting down slightly on your portion size, try using a smaller plate. And if you’re not already drinking aloe vera (why not?), start to get used to it.

Simple steps, but they really help.

2. Plan

Plan your meals – there are loads of great ideas in the handbook that you get in your C9 pack. They are delicious and filling, and if you’ve planned all your meals, you won’t be tempted to cheat.

Plan your exercise. The handbook will give you ideas for easy effective exercises, not too difficult or demanding if you haven’t been near a gym since school!

Plan your time – try not to start when you’ve got nights/meals out coming up. Less temptation especially in the early days.

Have a good selection of the ‘free foods’ around for picking when you’re peckish.

3. Stick with it and follow the handbook

If you have a wobble, don’t make a bad day your excuse to quit. Put it behind you – it’s just a wobble and we all have them!

Just follow the instructions and notice how you feel every day.

4. Visualise

Imagine how good you’ll feel, see yourself as you want to be. Focus on that every night before going to sleep.

5. Carry on

Celebrate your success, but not with a huge blowout! Don’t undo the good work. What’s the next step?

Look fab, feel fab for your big day! Click here to get started:

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Menopause Remedies

Menopause (for any of you who haven’t experienced it yet, or only second hand) is when a woman gradually stops producing eggs, and it can happen over a number of years. It generally begins during your fifties, but it can be much earlier, and it is accompanied by changes in the levels of various hormones, especially oestrogen. Common symptoms may include:

. Hot flushes/night sweats

. Mood swings

. Irregular and/or heavy periods

. Changes to skin or hair, typically dryness

. Depletion of calcium, affecting bone density

(Bet you can’t wait!)

These can be mild and just irritating, or severe; in the case of severe symptoms, as always, women should consult their doctor. Treatment can be hormone replacement therapy (HRT), especially in the case of early menopause, but doctors cannot always help, and many women prefer to try more natural remedies. We have a range of products which may help, but it’s not easy to just pull out a quick solution and it’s often a case of finding which combination works best, so we will work with customers to find the right solution. These are the products which are most often helpful:

Gel: I have a colleague who found that drinking aloe gel was all she needed for her hot flushes, and had lots of other benefits too

Royal Jelly: Skin, mood swings, sleep problems and mild depression

Multi-Maca: Libido (men & women), containing high levels of nutrients essential for sexual and fertility functions of the body., energy and stamina. This combines legendary Peruvian maca (maca was used by Inca warriors before going into battle to increase their strength and endurance) with Q10, L-arginine and other powerful herbs.

Gin-Chia: Contains plant oestrogens which may help with symptoms caused by a reduction in oestrogen levels.

Vitolize for women: Discomfort due to PMS, menopause, or urinary tract problems, may be related to hormone changes and specific nutritional needs, Vitolize for Women can help balance hormone levels and provide the right combination of nutrients.

To try any of these, click below:

(or contact via the details on this site to get more info).

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