How can aloe vera help animals? (Consult your vet please!)

Aloe vera has been used to help animals for centuries. And for many of the same problems as humans. Our pets and animals have digestive systems, skin, hair, teeth (not the birds!), immune systems, allergies, just like we do.

Here are some of the most popular products for animals, and a couple of surprises:

*Aloe vera drinking gel

Dogs and horses will take this with their food quite happily, cats will need some persuasion! Other animals can also take it (quantities depend on size) for helping with glossy coat, digestive system, respiratory system and all round wellbeing.

*Veterinary spray

A soothing spray for large areas of skin damage or to promote a glossy, healthy-looking coat. Perfect for when they won’t let you touch a sensitive area.

*AloeGelly and Propolis creme

These can both help with skin problems and wounds, gelly first, then propolis creme as it heals or itches. Can be safely re-applied frequently as required or licked off (perfectly safe if swallowed).

*Heat Lotion and MSM Lotion

Soothing and warming/cooling for muscle strains and stiff joints.

*Shampoo, liquid soap and MPD washing solution

Ideal for shiny healthy coats and for keeping bedding clean and bug-free. And no detergents.


If it’s good enough for killer whales, it’s good enough for your pets. Especially older dogs prone to tartar buildup.

And many, many others too.

And I promised a surprise:

*Deodorant for horses

No, they don’t have smelly armpits, but it really helps keep flies away from their face.

Treat your animals – they’d ask you for them if they could, just click here to get yours:

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