Five email marketing tips

They keep saying email marketing is dead, but it’s still with us. And it gets better open/read rates than social media posts too. So here are some key tips to keep you in touch with your audience:

  1. Email regularly. Decide what works for you and your contacts – start slowly if you want, and then send more often. I saw a poll recently where people were asked how often they email their contacts. Some said daily, some weekly, some monthly and some said never! Don’t wait to write the perfect message – send a less than perfect one. People may not pay much attention to the emails you send, but I guarantee they will pay no attention at all to the emails you don’t send!
  2. Have a call to action – try a new product, sign up for a webinar, download a freebie, but don’t make it one long sales pitch. Give value – a tip, a joke, something people will want to receive.
  3. In fact, don’t make it too long at all. How much do you want to read in an email? Most people are probably just like you. A screenful is plenty. More than that and – lucky you, you now have enough content for two emails.
  4. Keep it simple. Simple language and simple layout. By all means, use your brand colours, maybe even your font. But don’t mix lots of fonts. capitals, bold, italic and masses of exclamations marks. It looks cheesy, salesy, and it’s hard to read.
  5. Proof read it carefully. I know. Boring. But you will lose some of your audience straight away if you have mistakes. And you will lose all credibility if your messages are littered with simple mistakes and typos. It looks sloppy, they’re harder to read, so people won’t bother. Why should they?

What makes you open an email and read it? Not everyone will be like you, but it’s a start.

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How can you boost your metabolic rate and get better results from your weight management program too?

Our metabolic rate is basically the rate at which we use energy or convert energy into food,. But it’s much more complicated than just ‘calories in/calories used’. Still, there are some things we can do to increase the rate at which we burn calories.

  • Have better genes! The relationship between metabolic rate and genetics is not clear, but there is evidence that some people do naturally burn more calories (but not me boohoo!).
  • Be active, fidgety even. Those people who can never be still – they burn more calories than us calmer individuals.
  • Now for some regular suggestions! Exercise, and especially High Impact Exercise or HIT. Be more active, but also do strength training in particular. One reason that our metabolic rate may drop as we get older is that we have more fat and less muscle. Strength training for all the major muscle groups can really help with this, just be aware that this takes time. You’re not going to look like a bodybuilder after three weeks at the gym! Oh yes, and be a man (sorry). Men generally have more muscle and less fat.
  • More sleep, less stress. The exercise will help with this anyway, but poor sleep and high levels of stress (producing more cortisol, the stress hormone) have a major impact on our metabolism. Take steps to ensure a good night’s sleep, and to reduce stress.
  • Drink more water and eat regularly. Little and often is better for a more even metabolic rate with fewer peaks and troughs.
  • Good nutrition, certain vitamins and trace elements are important. In particular, all the B vitamins can help, as well as vitamin D, calcium, iron and magnesium. Evidence is not clear cut, but important trace elements are often lacking in modern diets.

So, in the end, it’s pretty much common sense. Good nutrition, plenty of water, exercise, more sleep, less stress. Sound familiar?

But there is a little cheat which will give you a helping hand. Forever Living Therm with its natural caffeine content will not only give you more energy, but support and boost your metabolic rate. It’s part of the Clean 9 program, but you can also order it separately and power through your day. It also contains many of those key vitamins which help reduce fatigue (as well as improving your immune system).

For more ideas and a great system to improve your wellbeing, look here:

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