Aloe vera drinking gel – how do you choose it, how do you take it?

Forever Living Aloe Vera drinking gel comes in four flavours:

‘Au naturel’

Plain aloe, the inner gel of the plant, where all the goodness is, pretty much as it comes out of the leaf. 99% aloe, with just a small amount of preservative. The taste can be a challenge – it’s the inside of a plant and that’s what it tastes like. But some people love the flavour and it’s the company’s top selling product, people drink it by the gallon for the way it makes them feel – hair, skin, nails, energy levels, gut health, joints, immune system.

Berry Nectar

All the benefits of the plain gel, but with added cranberry and apple , for a fruitier taste.


All the delicious goodness of peach juice with 85% aloe vera, for those who like a sweeter taste.

Forever Freedom

All the nutrients in aloe, plus glucosamine, chondroitin and MSM which all adds up to strong healthy joints and cartilage. Perfect for sports, fitness and dance enthusiasts, anyone with an active lifestyle and those already experiencing signs of joint wear and tear. With added vitamin C and orange.

How much, and when?

There is no upper limit, you can drink as much as you like or need but we would generally recommend 60-120 ml per day, more if desired or needed. First thing in the morning is good, on an empty stomach. But if that doesn’t suit you, or you forget, take it later, but take it daily. If you love it, perfect, if not, hold your nose and have a glass of water ready!

It’s just the best thing you can take for your all round wellbeing to look and feel fantastic. Just take a look here:

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