Claire started her business in January 2014 whilst on maternity leave from a career in education…

This is her story:

I had been searching for a way for me to be a full-time mum but not have to compromise on lifestyle. I suppose when I look back, I also knew I craved success, financial independence and that I wanted to set a great example for my children. 

Very quickly I had developed an income that gave me the confidence in myself and belief in the company that I could develop a serious career with Forever and I made the decision not to return to work at the end of my maternity leave in June 2014. In fact, six months in and I was earning more than my full-time monthly wage, working part time around my daughter. 

This wasn’t without a very sceptical start. Network marketing was new to me and seeing for myself that I could, in fact, develop a serious career, as well as feeling fulfilled as a mum, made me feel both excited and sceptical. I could see others developing successful businesses so I developed the attitude that if they can, maybe with some work on myself then I could too!

I now continue to develop my business as a full-time mum to our three young daughters; Bella, 5, Sadie, 3 and Minnie 1. We have enjoyed not only a dramatic change in lifestyle that the income from my business has given us but also the time it has given us as a family. 

I feel free, that’s the best way to describe it. I won’t miss a thing with my children because I’m in charge of my diary. I’m not aware of another opportunity that would enable us the same work life balance, lifestyle and financial security we have currently. 

You can have the time with your children whilst they’re young without having to sacrifice income, career satisfaction and personal development.  My passion is to help others to see the potential in the marketing plan and help them to learn the skills necessary to make the changes they’re looking to make to their lives.

I absolutely love learning and growing, the personal development this business has given me is amazing. I also feel so excited and extremely proud to be working under the umbrella of this incredible company.

4Living Group