Are you sitting down more at the moment?

Take care of yourself

Many people are working from home at the moment and it’s easy to end up with all kinds of stresses and aches and pains just from sitting badly. The good news is that it’s also easy to avoid the bad habits that cause this. Here are some simple tips:

  • Find a corner of the house to work in, away from distractions and make it your dedicated, comfortable workspace.
  • Have the right lighting. It may easier to see the screen if the room is dimly lit, but your poor eyes have to keep adjusting to the different light levels, so keep your workspace well lit.
  • Stand for 15 mins every hour, try for 30. No hunching over the desk or crossing your legs either!
  • Support good posture by having your desk, chair and accessories arranged properly. Your screen should be approximately at eye level (or at least tilted upwards). When seated, your hips should be slightly higher than your knees, back well supported, feet flat and forearms parallel to the floor so that your arms roughly form an L-shape. Your keyboard should be directly in front of you with the mouse close by. If your feet are not flat on the floor, you probably need a footrest (a box or stool will do at a pinch) and if you are doing lots of work with the mouse, you may need a wrist rest.
  • Take regular breaks.
  • Take regular breaks (no, that’s not an error!). At least every hour. Frequent short breaks are better than less frequent long breaks. Either way, get away from the desk or table and get outside if you can. Do some exercise, yoga, meditation, anything that switches you off for a few minutes and relaxes you. At work, you probably have all kinds of minor distractions that you don’t even think about.

Are you noticing any problems from sitting in one position for too long, probably staring at a screen? Such as:

Aches and pains, stiffness?

Exercise, stretching, yoga – these can all help. There are plenty of online resources available. Just don’t get carried away. Make sure that you warm up and cool down and don’t overdo it.

Use Forever Heat Lotion before your exercise, especially in the cold weather. And use it afterwards if you forgot or overdid it and are now sorry!

And Forever Move is brilliant for joints and mobility. Take it before you start to seize up.

Sore, tired eyes

Take even more breaks and even more care if you’re working from a small keyboard and screen on a tablet. And as for working from your phone, don’t. Please.

If you are in front of a screen for too long and you can feel the effects of too much blue light on your eyes, then you need Forever iVision.

For more information about all these, check out the links.

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