UK childcare costs

You get home with that beautiful little bundle of joy, and you love having that time at home. Well, once you’ve got over the sleepless nights etc.

But the time comes when you want more adult company – mother and baby groups aren’t cutting it. Maybe you want to get back to a career or a job you love. Or maybe you really don’t have much choice, you need to earn an income, and your maternity pay is coming to an end. (Yes, the same will apply to dads, but this issue still mostly affects women).

So you start to look at options for childcare. Unless you’ve had some connection with childcare before, you’re in for a shock. The lovely nursery, with lots of highly qualified staff, trips out, organic lunches and stimulating activities is going to eat up the best part of your salary, whether full-time or part-time. And as for a second child or twins ….

And that’s just people with regular hours. What about police officers, nurses, doctors, paramedics, anyone who works irregular hours, and especially those who can’t always down tools and just leave when their shift is over?

And the issue doesn’t go away when your little one starts school. What time do you need to start work? Is the school on your way? What about after school? What if they’re ill?

And didn’t you have children in the first place because you wanted to be with them and look after them yourself? Do you really want to work just so that you can pay for someone else to do that?

Here are some interesting figures for 2018:

Part-time childcare costs

Full-time childcare costs

Type of childcareHow much does it cost? (UK average)How much does it cost? (inner London average)
Registered childminder (50 hours for a child under 2)£221 per week£303 per week
Day nursery (50 hours for a child under 2)£242 per week£330 per week
Live-in nanny (50 hours)£434 – £718 per week plus:taxNational Insuranceroom and board£433 per week plus:taxNational Insuranceroom and board
Daily nanny (50 hours)£500-800 per week plus:taxNational Insuranceroom and board£616 per week plus:taxNational Insuranceroom and board

Source: Childminder and nursery costs from Family and Childcare Trust, 2019; part-time nanny guideline wages from; au pair pocket money rates from GOV.UK.

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