What have I learnt from Network Marketing? Part 2

Life Lessons

I don’t suppose many people start their network marketing business so that they can learn stuff. I know I didn’t. And yet it’s been one of the biggest benefits (although I don’t send the money back!). So what else have I learnt which has helped me in my business and my life, and which can help others too?

  • Leadership

I’m still working on this, like most of us but I have been shown so many values and actions which make a great leader, and so many amazing role models in and outside network marketing. I have learnt so much that I wish I knew as a manager in my 9-5 career.

  • Goal setting and visualising

These are both areas which I probably would have been very sceptical about. But again, I’ve been introduced to some excellent training and new ideas which have changed the way I think. And I learnt to use both these as important and effective tools to help me move forward in life. The preview if life’s coming attractions!

  • Personality types

This is a big topic and I have made it my purpose to study and understand as much as possible. I can safely say that it’s the single most important topic I have learnt as an adult. I understand so much more about myself and those around me, as well as those I meet. And I am more tolerant of others’ faults (well, a bit more tolerant). I can laugh at my own ‘little ways’ and other people’s, which is always a good thing, isn’t it.

  • Always be learning

I have to come back to this again – I have learnt a learning attitude. I am open to new ideas and strategies, not stuck in my ways. This morning I was on a webinar about Pinterest, which I’m starting to use. I’ll probably stumble a bit (did I mention that I’ve learnt a bit of humility?) but I’ll learn from that too.

So what do you learn these days? Are you still growing?




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