Summer Essentials!

I’m still pretending that it’s summer! Summer essentials no. 1:

Sunscreen, newly re-launched, the very best on the market! Highly water-resistant and long-lasting, suitable for all ages and bugs don’t like aloe!

Summer essentials no. 2 (no, not sunshine, clearly!):

Sun Lips

Moisturising, slightly minty lip balm with SPF 30. Keeps your lips sunkissed and kissable, not sunburnt and sore!

Summer essentials (wait for it … ) no. 3:
Hand Sanitizer

Perfect for trips away to anywhere with dodgy washing facilities. Festivals? Kids in the wild?

Not sticky, won’t dry your hands, just leaves them soft and bug-free! Aloe vera and honey.

Summer essentials (still waiting …) no. 4

Aloe First:

Aloe in solution is a spray bottle, great for covering large areas! If you (or someone near you) hasn’t used our wonderful sun screen, you might need this. Spray all over the burnt area and hear your skin go aaahhh! So soothing (also great for very sore feet and painful rashes).

The sun promises to pop its head out soon which means you need to think about protecting your hair as well as your skin. Spritz some Aloe First over your hair to shield it from the damaging effects of the sun. This powerful mist contains 80% aloe and will also protect your hair from chlorine – yay!

Summer essentials (I think it’s finally arrived!) no. 5:

Aloe Gelly

Not only for burns (including sunburn), but all those little holiday irritations – bites, blisters, cuts, rashes. Soothing and healing, you can put it anywhere!

Summer essentials no. 6, for exotic and non-exotic travel!

Forever Active ProB

Probiotics in a handy capsule which will pass through the stomach into the gut and help maintain those friendly gut flora. No need to keep refrigerated. Have a healthy happy holiday tummy.

And the extra essential for travelling to somewhere where it’s actually summer, lucky number 7!

The travel pack:

Small versions of our amazing toothgel, shampoo (also great as a shower gel), conditioner and moisturizer in a handy see-through zip bag.

Don’t leave home without them!

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