Look after your gut and your gut will look after you.

There’s been a lot in the news recently about the importance of gut health – gut flora, immune system cells in the gut and your ‘gut brain’. Especially new ways of improving gut health, some of which sound a bit unpleasant – fecal transplant anyone?

So what are we talking about here?

Bacteria, viruses, fungi and other microscopic living things are referred to as microorganisms, or microbes, for short. Trillions of these microbes exist mainly inside your intestines and on your skin.

Most of the microbes in your intestines are found in a “pocket” of your large intestine called the cecum, and they are referred to as the gut microbiome. Although many different types of microbes live inside you, bacteria are the most studied. In fact, there are more bacterial cells in your body than human cells. There are roughly 40 trillion bacterial cells in your body and only 30 trillion human cells. That means you are more bacteria than human.

What’s more, there are up to 1,000 species of bacteria in the human gut microbiome, and each of them plays a different role in your body. Most of them are extremely important for your health. Altogether, these microbes may weigh as much as 2–5 pounds (1–2 kg), which is roughly the weight of your brain. Together, they function as an extra organ in your body and play a huge role in your health.

How Does It Affect Your Body?

Humans have evolved to live with microbes for millions of years. During this time, microbes have learned to play very important roles in the human body. In fact, without the gut microbiome, it would be very difficult to survive.

The gut microbiome begins to affect your body the moment you are born and as your microbiome grows, it affects your body in a number of ways, including:

– Digesting many essential nutrients

– Helping control your immune system – 80% of our immune cells are in the gut

– Helping control brain health – there are 500 million neurons in the gut and they function in a very similar way to the neurons in the brain. For example, serotonin is an antidepressant neurotransmitter that’s mostly made in the gut.

Health implications

There is growing evidence that compromised or unbalanced gut flora can contribute to a variety of health problems:

– digestive disorders

– weight problems

– heart disease

– diabetes

– brain health, including psychological problems.

What causes problems in the microbiome?

Each person’s optimal balance of gut flora is different and it is a very delicate balance, easily upset by:illness

– poor diet, lacking variety

– new environment (especially where new strains of bacteria are introduced in say, drinking water)

– stress

– drugs, especially antibiotics

So improving gut health is a really important part of our wellbeing.

So we can we do to promote a healthy microbiome?

Eat a varied diet. Not surprisingly, a key part of ensuring a healthy balance of gut flora is about eating right. So variety is important.

Eat more fibre (what old-fashioned dietary experts called ‘roughage’) – whole grains, pulses, fruit and veg. It keeps everything moving. Add Forever Fiber to your diet if you know you’re not getting enough. We need about 30 grams a day, most of us eat half that amount.

Eat foods which nourish friendly bacteria; these include fermented foods like live yogurt, and prebiotics such as oats, bananas and apples.

Whole grains are important, as are foods rich in polyphenols, plant compounds found in, amongst other things, red wine and dark chocolate. No problem with that one!

But, although this is great dietary advice, a lot of these beneficial compounds are broken down by stomach acid and the digestive processes before they reach the gut. So many people like to take a probiotic supplement which will not be broken down until it actually reaches the gut.

We have only just begun to understand the importance of gut health for our overall wellbeing, mental as well as physical. So did you know about this already? What are you doing to maintain a healthy gut?

Drinking aloe vera can really help to balance your gut health:


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What have I learnt from Network Marketing? Part 2

Life Lessons

I don’t suppose many people start their network marketing business so that they can learn stuff. I know I didn’t. And yet it’s been one of the biggest benefits (although I don’t send the money back!). So what else have I learnt which has helped me in my business and my life, and which can help others too?

  • Leadership

I’m still working on this, like most of us but I have been shown so many values and actions which make a great leader, and so many amazing role models in and outside network marketing. I have learnt so much that I wish I knew as a manager in my 9-5 career.

  • Goal setting and visualising

These are both areas which I probably would have been very sceptical about. But again, I’ve been introduced to some excellent training and new ideas which have changed the way I think. And I learnt to use both these as important and effective tools to help me move forward in life. The preview if life’s coming attractions!

  • Personality types

This is a big topic and I have made it my purpose to study and understand as much as possible. I can safely say that it’s the single most important topic I have learnt as an adult. I understand so much more about myself and those around me, as well as those I meet. And I am more tolerant of others’ faults (well, a bit more tolerant). I can laugh at my own ‘little ways’ and other people’s, which is always a good thing, isn’t it.

  • Always be learning

I have to come back to this again – I have learnt a learning attitude. I am open to new ideas and strategies, not stuck in my ways. This morning I was on a webinar about Pinterest, which I’m starting to use. I’ll probably stumble a bit (did I mention that I’ve learnt a bit of humility?) but I’ll learn from that too.

So what do you learn these days? Are you still growing?




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Summer Essentials!

Do you want to make the most of the sun? But still look after your skin? Forever summer skincare essential will help you get that golden glow.

Forever Summer essentials no. 1:

Sunscreen, newly re-launched, the very best on the market! Highly water-resistant and long-lasting, suitable for all ages and bugs don’t like aloe!

Forever Summer essentials (wait for it … ) no. 2:
Hand Sanitizer

Perfect for trips away to anywhere with dodgy washing facilities. Festivals? Kids in the wild?

Not sticky, won’t dry your hands, just leaves them soft and bug-free! Aloe vera and honey.

Forever Summer essentials (still waiting …) no. 3

Aloe First:

Aloe in solution is a spray bottle, great for covering large areas! If you (or someone near you) hasn’t used our wonderful sun screen, you might need this. Spray all over the burnt area and hear your skin go aaahhh! So soothing (also great for very sore feet and painful rashes).

The sun promises to pop its head out soon which means you need to think about protecting your hair as well as your skin. Spritz some Aloe First over your hair to shield it from the damaging effects of the sun. This powerful mist contains 80% aloe and will also protect your hair from chlorine – yay!

Forever Summer essentials (I think it’s finally arrived!) no. 4:

Aloe Gelly

Not only for burns (including sunburn), but all those little holiday irritations – bites, blisters, cuts, rashes. Soothing and healing, you can put it anywhere!

Forever Summer essentials no. 5, for exotic and non-exotic travel!

Forever Active ProB

Probiotics in a handy capsule which will pass through the stomach into the gut and help maintain those friendly gut flora. And no need to keep refrigerated as it’s a capsule. Have a healthy happy holiday tummy.

Forever Essential no. 6, for whenever the sun shines:

Protecting Day Lotion

A sunscreen, anti-aging lotion and moisturiser all in one. So less to carry in your luggage!

And the extra essential, lucky number 7!

The travel pack:

Small versions of our amazing toothgel, shampoo (also great as a shower gel), conditioner and moisturizer in a handy see-through zip bag. And it’s perfect for travelling to somewhere where it’s actually summer.

Don’t leave home without them!



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