We all heard about it this week, didn’t we? The plane for Dusseldorf that ended up in Edinburgh? Everyone thought they knew where they were going, including the pilot. They had a plan. But it was the wrong plan, given to them by someone else.

So how carefully do you plan your own journey? Where are you going? In your business? In your life? Is it your own plan? And is it all going to plan?

This is a well known quote from the wonderful Jim Rohn, and it’s still just as true, isn’t it?

And it also seems to be true that people take more time and care planning their holidays than their life – I know I did, how about you? I paid the price of ‘going with the flow’ and ended up in a career that I didn’t love, or even like. I ended up at the wrong destination. And someone else decided many of the changes that happened to me.

But in my business, I have learned the value of planning, goals and vision. And it made a huge difference to me.

This isn’t a new quote either, but please just stop and think about it for a few minutes, don’t glaze over if you’ve seen it before. We’re already a quarter of the way through 2019. Do you have a plan for this year? For the next five years? Is your plan going to deliver your goals and dreams? Does the phrase ‘Plan, do, review’ apply to you? Or are you more ‘It’s never too late to change direction ‘?

Whether you need to change your flight plan a little, or whether you haven’t actually filed a flight plan yet, now is a great time to do it (actually any time is a great time to do it!). Do you want to go to Dusseldorf or Edinburgh? Or somewhere else entirely? Your plan, your choice. Have a good trip!




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