Another myth (well almost) – market saturation

Running out …

‘Everyone’s doing it’, ‘it’s everywhere’, ‘the market’s swamped’. Common objections to any kind of business or product which has been around a while. But especially a network marketing business.  And it’s simply baseless.

Product saturation

What – like televisions or beds? Obviously, if you have consumable products like food, drink, toiletries etc, there will always be a market.  But TV’s? Everyone’s got one already, haven’t they? Yet millions are sold every year across the world, so that market’s definitely not saturated then.  Poor old Thomas J. Watson (former head of IBM) will always be remembered for saying “I think there is a world market for maybe five computers.”. One of the worst predictions of all time (no one seems to know if he actually said this, but why ruin a good story?).  I think IBM still manage to sell a few computers every year.  Market saturation is a lot less common than people think – new markets in developing countries, new improved models (does your TV look like your parents’ model?), lifestyle changes – a TV in every room.  All these help markets change and grow. Sure, it’s possible to have a saturated market but can you think of one, right now, off the top of your head?

People saturation

A big part of my business is team building, guiding people to do what I do. We aim to work closely with five key people, and help them to do the same if they want to build a team.  Someone carefully explained to me a few years ago how this model could never work because you would soon run out of people.  He even drew a diagram.  He simply couldn’t see why his figures didn’t work in the real world and had completely ignored the fact that the model was already working, and had been for over 35 years!

What my clever analytical guy didn’t realise was that not everyone wants the same thing.  Some want to grow a big business, but many want some extra income to help with the bills.  They may not want to build a team – maybe they love their job or their other business, but just can’t earn enough.  Maybe they don’t want the responsibility and commitment  that comes with  helping and working with a team.  Maybe they love the products and love sharing them.  But things can change; every day, people reach the age of eighteen, so they can join us, they start a family, retire, re-think their lifestyle and career. Or they become open to something new for another reason – job insecurity, debt.  So we never run out of people to speak to.  Think of those five lonely computers!

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