What to look for in a network marketing company – part 1.

I started my network marketing (or Multi-level marketing, MLM, call it what you will) business many years ago.  I had never heard of this way of doing business, I just loved the fact that I could build an income very part-time around my job, and have an escape plan. Now I’m no risk taker and I’m very sceptical, so it still surprises me that I didn’t check it out at all.  I thought it over for a few days, realised that, whatever happened, I’d still have a box of products I could use, and jumped in. After all, I wasn’t signing my life away!

If I had done some checking online, what would I have seen? Some useful information, some opinions, and some really dodgy stuff, mainly from people trying to sell me their sure-fired recipe for success.  You see pretty much the same if you look up all the leading MLM companies.  So it’s just as well that I didn’t look, because I might have said no, which would have been a big mistake.  And it worked out well for me.  Luckily, I joined a reputable, ethical, supportive company with really solid finances and a good track record. But some of my colleagues who loved the business model, had bad experiences before finding our company.  Companies going bust, changing the rules to suit themselves, closing down because the owner had made enough money! And cowboy companies still arrive on the scene, and then disappear taking people’s livelihoods with them, and leaving a lot of disillusioned distributors.

So if you love the business model, and want to find a company which will be right for you, I’ve got a few tips.

  1. Can you get passionate about the company’s product or service? Will you use it yourself? Can you wholeheartedly recommend it?  If not, ask yourself if this is really the right company for you.  You may simply want to recruit lots of people, but that’s not a great way to build a stable business and most companies require a minimum level of sales.  After all, if no one sells anything, there’s no business!  If you’re not recommending your product or service, why should your team? And if you’re not using it yourself, why would anyone you know use it? So choose a company with a product or service that’s relevant to you, and learn to love it.

For more tips about what to look for, read the next instalment! Or, if you can’t wait –

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