Healthy habits for the New Year

Yes, it’s December already! And lots of people will be looking forward to a better 2021.

Have you been thinking about your lifestyle? You’re not alone – re-setting goals, healthy habits, positivity – they’re all big topics at the moment online, along with positivity, at home, and self-love.

So here are some ideas for new healthy habits in 2021:

  • don’t plan lots huge changes, small steps over the year is the way to go. Don’t try and change everything in January!
  • sleep more. Lack of sleep is really common and causes lots of problems including stress, anxiety, weakened immune system, weight gain and so on. Most people need at least seven hours. You know what to do – a calm cool bedroom, no screen time just before bed. And a few minutes earlier every night.
  • drink less alcohol and more water. You don’t have to give it up (unless that’s part of your plan). But maybe think about a dry month? Or one week per month?
  • move more. Little and often is best, get up from the desk, go out for a walk. You will actually be more productive and get some great ideas. Walk, run, cycle, dance – whatever gives you joy, but move more.
  • take some time. For your friends, your family, yourself. A bit of self-care goes a long way.
  • make small changes in your diet. If you can make a huge commitment and stick with it, fine. Most of us can’t. But it doesn’t have to be all or nothing. A few more fruits and vegetables, slightly smaller portions, a good healthy breakfast, maybe replace a meal with a delicious protein shake – get creative, add in your favourite ingredients. Lots of great ideas here: Plan your meals, you’ll be less likely to grab any old rubbish!

So have a Merry little Christmas and let’s rock 2021!

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How can aloe vera help you?

Aloe vera has many names – the miracle plant, the burns plant, etc – and, if you’re reading this, you’ve probably heard something about this wonderful plant. And maybe you’re curious about how it works and what it can do for you.

How long have you got???

Seriously, I’m not going to give a history or a science lesson – I’ve done that before and it doesn’t go down well (yawn!).

But its properties have been well known for thousands of years. There are many herbal and natural remedies which have also been well known for that long, many excellent, some useless, and some downright dangerous. But aloe vera is very special – did you know you could drink it? Here are some of the benefits:

  • Hair and nails – strength and growth
  • Immune system – boosting or calming, whichever is needed
  • Joints – lubricating (think engine oil!)
  • Skin – healing, soothing, hydrating our largest organ. Inside and out, our whole body is literally lined with skin as well as being covered with it. And aloe penetrates right into the skin.
  • Digestion – food is digested better and faster, shortening transit times (that helps make you more regular, constipation is the curse of the modern diet but no one talks about it much)
  • Nutrition – not only is it packed with a cocktail of nutrients, some hard to get in the average diet, its cleansing action in the gut means that all the nutrients we get from our food are absorbed better. As well as the wonderful range of vitamins, minerals and trace elements in the aloe itself.

Those are the main reasons people drink aloe (and millions do), definitely not the taste which is a challenge for many. Have you tried it? Have you tried the new, improved version?

Of course, it can help with the outside skin as well as the lining of the body:

  • Wonderful skincare which carries all the moisturising benefits deep into the skin, leaving it firmer, plumper and hydrated.
  • Healing and soothing all kinds of wounds and skin damage.

So what would be your reason to try aloe vera? If you’d like to explore further, take a look here:

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Aloe vera and winter health and skincare tips

Winter’s definitely here now – dark nights, cold winds and people threatening to put up their Christmas trees!

Whether you love it or hate it, winter comes round every year, with its impact on our health and wellbeing, our energy levels, our skin and our mood.

So how can Forever Living’s aloe vera and bee products help? Well, here are a few ideas:

. Dry skin, especially hands and face

As well as a wonderful range of targeted skincare products, our amazing Aloe Propolis Creme is a rich intensive moisturiser perfect for dry or sore skin:

. Chapped lips

There nothing like Aloe Lips, a favourite all year round, but especially in the winter:

. Warming up for exercise or stiff aching joints

Aloe Heat Lotion is the perfect winter warmer (and rub it on your chest if you have a snuffly cold)

. Winter blues

Royal Jelly will help lift your mood

. Winter bugs

Immublend is great for boosting your immune system

and Propolis tablets will stop those bugs in their tracks:

And, of course, the best thing at any time of the year, drink aloe vera!

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